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  • We don't ship tobacco or Cigarettes to the UK.
    As it is not allowed in the EU, we can't send any cigarettes or tobacco's by post, even not small quantities.
  • Try to pay with English Pounds.
    All our prices on our website/shops are in Pounds, if paying in Euro's, you loose always on the exchange rate.
  • If you pay by card then we have to charge you the offical Europrice which is printed on the packet. Your bank will convert the Euro's back into pounds, and that's were you loose again a bit on the exchange. We advice you to bring plenty of cash Sterling with you when you do your channel shopping.
  •  We accept : Mastercard, Visa, Maestro and Carte Bleu.
  • NOTE: If paying by card, we need the passportnumber of the cardholder.

Don’t be wrongly branded a smuggler!

- Arrivals from EU countries

When arriving into the UK from an EU country you can bring in an unlimited amount of most goods.For excise goods such as alcohol and tobacco, there are no restrictions. However you must meet these conditions.

UKBA guidelines are simply guidelines and not limits or the law!